Venkat Rajendran: Billionways is founded by R.Venkat Rajendran, the serial entrepreneur based in Bangalore. Venkat is an engineer by training and has been a founder member of C-DOT, the Govt of India’s Telecom R&D initiative, heading software design under a team led by Sam Pitroda. After C-DOT, he founded Deccanet Designs, a telecom design company, which was acquired by Flextronics International in 2005. After selling Deccanet,Venkat has founded a series of companies under the holding company Billionways Holdings Pvt Ltd.

Venkat’s Complete Profile.

Advisory Board:

Ajit Menon: Mr. Menon has extensive experience in financial industry with more than fourteen years at American Express Bank and served as Senior Director at Amex, London. He has varied experience in financial markets including M&A, Investment Banking, Derivatives etc. He currently Dy CEO, Holiday Breaks, Coxs and Kings, UK. Mr. Menon has a masters in Management from London Business School

Ash Bharadwaj: Mr. Bharadwaj has a long track record of success in building high growth business to address emerging markets. He was instrumental in driving Flextronics International from $ 100 Million to $ 15 Billion annually. Ash was the CEO of Aricent after his long stint at Flexctronics. Currently he an investor/ parallel entrepreneur promoting multiple ventures across the globe. Ash has a BSEE from Thapar Institute of Tech and an MBA from Louisiana University.

Dr.S.Chandrasekaran: Dr. Chandru is an entrepreneur and was the founding CEO of Sofil Technologies, Chennai. He has strong business experience in Japan and China markets over the last two decades. He has been consulting various companies in India, China and Japan in the IT business operations and strategies. He is a graduate fromĀ  MIT, Anna University, Chennai.

Girish Kulkarni: Mr. Kulkarni is the managing director of Monsoon Capital. He brings with him extensive investment experience in Indian capital markets. He was a Founder Managing Director of TDA Capital. With extensive capital market experience he has more than 30 IPO and several M&A assignments to his credit. He is a graduate of IIT, Mumbai and IIM Ahmedabad.

Hemanth Kumar: Hemanth has strong a track record in Consulting and Equity market analysis. Hemant specialises in Hedge Funds, Emerging markets and Trend analysis. Currently he manages a $ 100 Mn small midcap value hedge fund. Hemanth is based in Nashville, Tennessee. He has an MBA from University of North London and is an Engineering graduate from Bangalore, India.